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Bigfoot News Birthday Edition Part 2

OH I am sure someone who paid $500,000 for an arm or anything really would trust USPS to deliver it ??? Get real…

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Shocking news about the Stacy Brown “Bigfoot arm”: A Beyond Highbrow exclusive story!

The official story has already gone out. A possible Bigfoot arm was found on a man’s property in Florida. Stacy Brown’s team went to investigate and took possession of it. The original bone was said to be large and had some hair on it. A FWS biologist was called in, and he verified that it was a primate arm. Brown then issued a statement that they were going to have the arm tested. 11 days later, Brown released a story saying that the arm had been tested and had been proven to be an alligator arm.

Actually, the official story is not true. So what really happened?

Here is what happened.

The arm was found on a law enforcement official’s property in an area of heavy Bigfoot activity. The arm was dug up by a…

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